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Indoor Gas Lights -Falks


Falks Indoor Gas Lights  Manufactured in Canada, Falks Gas Lights were designed for Home, Cottage, Cabins, Trailers, Boats or wherever lighting is required, for everyday, decorative or emergency use. Falks Lights have proven to be efficient and dependable for decades. Falks graceful curve design of solid polished brass highlights the quiet elegance of old world styling as well as providing a lifelong attractive finish.  It's a Brighter World with Falks Gas Lights, utilizing a unique adjustable air shutter to maximize the brightest light even in the highest of places. 75 Watt equivalent Single and 150 Watt equivalent Double. Primarily Falks Lights are used in remote areas, locations not serviced with electricity or where electricity is in short supply. AGA and CGA Approved 

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